Why you shouldn’t procrastinate – you get wet!

Today dawned sunny and bright – but in typical March fashion, by the afternoon, it had deteriorated to overcast and rainy. All day long I kept meaning to do a few outside chores – digging some vegetables for tonight’s supper and tomorrow’s lunchtime soup, filling the bird feeders, getting in some logs, clearing the drain, emptying the kitchen waste into the compost – you know the kind of thing.leeks

Trouble is that I got distracted in so many ways that by the time I actually got around to the outside stuff, it was starting to rain that penetrating kind of rain you feel in your bones. During the bright sunny morning I had dealt with a doctor’s visit, made or took a number of phone calls of a medical nature, administered medication, dressed a wound, provided drinks, snacks and lunch, quoted on a translation job (which was accepted, so I started right away, not knowing how tomorrow will pan out) and dealt with an urgent clean-up situation.

During the afternoon I got so involved in my translation that I forgot to put today’s washing in the machine until 4 pm, which was when I realised that the bird feeders had reached a new low and if we were to have leeks in our pork tenderloin (for him), mushroom and rice dish tonight, I’d better get moving. The rain dripped down my neck and my socks got wet through my inappropriate footwear in the newly-formed puddles. But I dug some leeks and a head of celery and topped up the bird feeders.

Seated once again at my PC to continue my work I am interrupted to sort out a talking books CD and make a cup of tea and another snack. (We have to build up Mr B’s strength, and that involves a lot of food, glorious food).

Well tonight is pancake night, so we can snuggle up with the fire (if I get the logs in) and eat, drink and enjoy!






4 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t procrastinate – you get wet!

  1. Yes, why is it that the sun often goes away in the afternoon? It would be much more convenient if the mornings were cloudy, because that’s when 90% of my work arrives/has to be delivered and I often take the afternoon off!


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