The value of friends and family

Mr. B and I are blessed to have a wide circle of friends. Today we received visits from six of the stalwart folk who have stood by and with us during our difficult year. I found myself making numerous cups of tea and apologising that I haven’t got a cake to offer. (I am not a candidate for the Great British Bake-off) and by the time our last visitor arrived it was out with the wine bottle and the Pringles, which is so much more my scene.

Also today I nipped out to a friend to deliver a birthday card and on the way back from the usual effusive hugs I receive from birthday girl’s Italian-born husband I bumped into two other neighbours both of whom enquired after Mr B, showing their genuine concern.

Last week we enjoyed the company of a neighbour as we watched the rugby. We also received several visits from close neighbours and friends, and Mr B’s daughter and her family paid us a visit too. Next week my brother-in-law and his wife are coming for lunch.

While we love all the attention Mr B does find it rather exhausting and will often fall asleep as they walk out of the door. And I am finding being a constant hostess something of a challenge.but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Our door is always open and the tea caddy always full. I can also rustle up a glass of wine quicker than you can say ‘vino’. So visitors – keep on coming.


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