So the treatment is over!

I feel like I’ve been let out of school. I can get back to normal life again. Today was my very last radiotherapy appointment. But as I waved goodbye to the team of radiotherapists I didn’t feel any different. Should we go to a bar and order a bottle of champagne? Should we light a bonfire and sing and dance on the beach? In fact we went into Worthing in search of, of all things, a Portsmouth football shirt ( don’t ask).

The radiotherapy has been almost a pleasant experience. I’ve enjoyed the journeys over to Brighton – each time with a different driver, and the last two with my son Stephen. The treatment doesn’t hurt at all. I had to lie very still and breathe deeply for each burst of radiation. My arms got uncomfortable each time, but you can get used to anything. The radiographers are very efficient and kind. I was almost always seen on time or early, and the longest wait in 15 sessions was 20 minutes..

The only side effect is a little burning close to my neck and feeling quite tired, especially last Friday after five straight days of treatment. The side effects could continue for another week, I am told.

So this is pretty much my last post on this blog and my journey. It started last October and it will be December before I know if the journey has taken me to the destination I want. It’s affected me and my family, but here we are, on the other side.

I do have plans to celebrate. Maybe a short holiday in September, definitely a trip to Singapore in December, followed by another in May (don’t tell anyone but a happy event is expected soon), and a long cruise to look forward to in June 2019.

But more than anything I am looking forward to just being normal again. To having hair that doesn’t cause people to look twice, to going to the gym, to working a bit more, to seeing my friends, and to just getting on with life. And finally to December when I will know if I’ve beaten the big C.

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