New travelling companions on this journey

Today two separate people told me of friends who were just starting their chemo journey. Both of them are going to start reading this blog. I really hope it helps to demystify chemotherapy for you. I remember how strange everything felt at the beginning. So welcome to my new readers and please browse through all the posts from start to finish to see how I coped with the helter-skelter of medical stuff that I have been on since February.

I may have been a little bit over-confident last time I wrote. After my last exercise class on Monday, I suddenly came over very tired and have been somewhat lethargic for a few days. This time, the effects of the drugs took a bit longer to wear off. I had always understood that as the sessions proceed, the side-effects become more marked. But I would prefer to say that they aren’t any worse than before, just that they lasted a day or so longer.

But I am through that now and plan to enjoy the next couple of weeks before it all starts again.

I’ve been a bit more active the last couple of days: lunch out yesterday, a session

tracy chevalier
Tracy Chevalier, author of the book we read for the book club – “At the Edge of the Orchard”.

collecting subs for our local residents’ association, a book club meeting today. However, I have to admit to not achieving my steps target for a few days in a row. This could be because I have told my clients that I am accepting translation work again. I think they have been saving up their documents over the past couple of months! Suddenly I have five jobs on the go. All manageable but they keep me rather sedentary. I love working and I think it’s important for the brain to be challenged.

This weekend I am planning to do a bit more walking and on Sunday I will be up at the mill again. And I am still on course for getting back to my old gym in May.

Life doesn’t stop just because you are dealing with cancer, and in many ways, life is pretty good. I have written before about the kindness of friends. I am experiencing genuine caring and concern from just about everyone I know. It makes me realise that there’s still a lot about the process of cancer treatment that people lucky enough not to have needed it don’t know, and want to understand.

Just one last thing today. The most recent chemotherapy was administered through a vein on the underside of my wrist. It was painful, and now the vein has got a bit swollen and painful a few inches further up. I am keeping an eye on it because you are supposed to report stuff like that. But it’s gone down since this morning so seems to be on the mend.

I’ve got to the point where I haven’t much chemo-related news to tell, but I will keep posting stuff here. Let me know if you get bored.


2 thoughts on “New travelling companions on this journey

  1. I’m sure you’re right about it being good for your brain to be challenged, but five jobs at once sounds like a lot! I can’t remember your language combinations, but do you have backup people to call on if you suddenly find that you’ve got less energy than you expected?


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