Breaking (Making) up is hard to do

Neil Sedaka has nothing on me. I am not really a make-up person. A little mascara, a pale lipstick, maybe some foundation for special occasions – that’s me.

But since I lost my hair I’ve felt a deep urge to accentuate my eyes and wear a brighter lipstick. So I have been inexpertly applying various shades of eyeshadow to my lids.

Today, I was invited to join a number of other ladies at a Look Good Feel Better workshop at the Worthing Breast Care clinic. What a great morning we had. For the first time ever, I took off my turban in public, as did the other ladies, and we watched as the guinea-pig (Suzanne) was cleansed, toned, moisturised, powdered and made-up. We followed each stage by applying the various products to ourselves.

Here’s the end result. I have to be the most inexpert make-up artist in the world. makeup3 meSomehow, I always want to wash the whole lot off and start again. But I quite like the result of this morning’s exercise and will practise some more.

The Look Good Feel Better people even supplied each one of us with a lovely goodie bag full of products donated by manufacturers.

All in all, it was real boost to the morale.

Further news: this week I have taken on a translation for a long-standing client. I decided that, since for two-thirds of the time I feel pretty normal, I might as well do some work. Given a decent deadline, I can cope OK and am enjoying getting back into the swing of work.

makeup (2)




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