Day four after session 2

This blog is intended to chart my experiences with the aim of explaining to those who are fortunate enough not to be following in my footsteps, as well as to those who unfortunately are about to, just what it’s like.

I showed you a photograph of the drug going into my arm last Friday. So those red and clear liquids have now had four days of circulating round my system and this is the result:

  • a certain amount of queasiness in the stomach department (despite the anti-nausea drugs) so that I have lost my interest in food
  • difficulty sleeping (I go to sleep easily but snap awake about an hour later and then cannot get back)
  • tiredness and heaviness in my lower limbs
  • I have an excessively dry mouth, but at least not the ulcers that the medics warn you about
  • A sore and tender scalp.

The trouble is that the medical staff have to warn you of all the possible side-effects which can range from mild nausea to feeling on death’s door. So it means you are looking out for them all the time. In actual fact I just feel like I might do if I had a cold or one of those buggy things. All in all not too bad, just not feeling as bright as a spark.

I attended a “Chemosize” class yesterday. I had no idea what to expect, other than “it will get the drugs working better”. After a warm-up, it turned out to be mainly TRX exercises. I quite enjoyed it. I’ve trained on TRX before so was able to perform the exercises reasonably well. Afterwards, Stephen took me to a very nice lunch at an acclaimed pub in Angmering. But I became massively tired in the afternoon and after watching TV while Stephen cooked, I actually took to my bed for an hour.

With regard to my diet I am getting now to the stage where I could really murder a nice steakjuicy steak. Last night Stephen made a lot of cottage pies for the freezer. I gave one of them to Bob for his dinner while I had a bit of left-over chicken rice with vegetables. I had little appetite for it though.

Perhaps any nutritionists reading this could tell me whether just one serving of red meat will upset my eating regime?

On Mothers’ Day Stephen cooked a tasty rice dish with prawns, chicken, and a zillion vegetables. And moules marinieres to start. I invited Julia and Sutton up for the meal so we had a jolly evening and a couple of glasses of wine to help things along.

So I am nearly half way through my course. I expect this lassitude to lift in a couple of days and I can be back to normal strength. My hair seems to have stopped falling for now, but since I had it all shaved off, I need to keep my head covered. I think it will start falling again in a week or so. This time, probably I will be totally bald at the end of this cycle, which will be a relief because the stubble is a bit scratchy at the moment.

Next cycle is due on 3 April, just after Easter.




2 thoughts on “Day four after session 2

  1. Watch out for that dry mouth… for me it was what developed into the most intolerable side effect of all – lips and nostrils that were totally devoid of any stretch, splitting and bleeding every time I spoke, yawned or caused them to move in any way. I spent a small fortune on various lip remedies – nothing petroleum-based had any effect at all.
    Hope it won’t be this extreme for you but my advice would be, if your lips start to get dry, act immediately. The most effective products I found were eos lip balm ( very bulky but very good), Oakwood Soaperies Natural Beeswax Lip Butter, and Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm.
    At hospital they exclaimed over the state of my nostrils but had nothing to offer. However my GP prescribed Naseptin Nasal Cream, which was what finally allowed it to heal.


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