The positives of chemo – 2

In the first post under this title I outlined a few positive points relating to my general health. Today I want to highlight the closeness that I have experienced with my family since my initial diagnosis.

It was perhaps fortuitous that most of us were able to meet up in the idyllic setting of Phuket for Stephen and Jamie’s wedding. During our holiday together I was able to have many heart-to-heart conversations with members of the family. I took advantage of us all being together to bask in the love and support that each one of them offered. It made it so much easier to cope with the shock of my diagnosis, which at that time, was new territory for me.

While we were in Thailand we set up a WhatsApp group – initially so that wIMG_0889e could all find one another in the vast complex that was our hotel. But the group still operates and we use it now to keep us updated on family news.

My neice has been offering me reflexology on a regular basis. My sister sends me love every week when we talk. As for my son and daughter-in-law – well they have been great. Stephen calls me every single day, and is flying over to be with me for each chemo session.

Another neice has offered to come all the way from Hertfordshire to take me to places. I so appreciate that offer, because it would be very difficult for her to do. I am able to drive most of the time as it happens. It’s just the actual hospital visits where I avoid doing so.

I have had more conversations with my brother in the past three weeks than in the past three years. And his friend in the Netherlands is in regular touch with tips she has gleaned from her work in cancer research.

All in all I am blessed with a supportive family. We may be widespread over four different countries, but we are very close. And even closer since my diagnosis.


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