Sport, beauty and fashion

This week I have been concentrating on my wellbeing. There’s a great charity support group that I have been in touch with. It’s called C U Fitter, and as far as I can ascertain, is a social and sports group, with a gym, pilates and yoga classes, a choir, guided walks and social events. It sounds like fun and I have applied to join.

Today, I had a wig fitted. It’s pretty neat, but I don’t need it yet. My own short locks are as strong as ever!

And I’m trying to get an appointment on a pamper day for cancer patients. So far the phone is engaged 24/7 but I’ll get there.

Meanwhile I am venturing each day into the bitter cold of the Sussex Downs for a morning gym(or afternoon) consitutional. Today I walked quite a long way – to the Gallops where the stable lads from Findon are said to exercise the race horses. Never seen them myself. but there are plenty of horse-shoe prints on the muddy grass. What I did see is an outdoor gym for grownups. If it hadn’t been so crushingly cold, I might have lingered longer, but as it was, I had a quick go on all the items and moved on. I shall be calling often as the days grow warmer.

For my mental wellbeing and sheer enjoyment, I have today been collecting some wedding pictures from Stephen and Jamie’s wedding and have ordered a coffee-table book, and some large prints to grace the grand piano – if we had a grand piano. At least one of them will end up in the loo, where most of our family portraits seem to live. And why not?

This is the current candidate for the piano position. pic-507_preview




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