Chemo for cancer is uplifting

I know it’s early in my rounds of treatment, and I know it could get worse, but really I am feeling a bit of a fraud.

The doctors and nurses warn you of a zillion possible side effects, and you wake up next morning looking for them.

I do feel slightly woolly-headed and I do find myself looking forward to my next sit-down. By 8 o’clock I am ready for a relaxing bath and bedtime to catch up on the Archers and my latest read.

But otherwise I am functioning as normal. Today I went to a book club meeting (first checking no-one had a cold); we discussed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (recommended read, by the way), I finished off the draft of a translation, did some administrative work and prepared enough food to feed us for the day.

I have received many phone calls asking how I am; yesterday my choir sent me a CBBFA6AC-688A-45FB-AC3A-74677041DF9Cselection of goodies from Marks and Spencer’s, I have a glorious bouquet of flowers from my husband, enjoyed a relaxing foot massage from my niece, and generally languished in a tide of love and warm feelings from everyone. It makes having cancer almost good, because certainly good things are coming out of it: closeness to my family, my friends, my neighbours. And an appreciation of life.



3 thoughts on “Chemo for cancer is uplifting

  1. I’ve just caught up with your posts, as Facebook has been hiding them, and I’m very glad to hear that it’s going well thus far. It’s a horrible, scary experience to have to go through, for both you and your family, but appreciating the positive things it brings has got to be the most successful attitude to adopt.

    I must share one piece of advice I received from a friend who went through the same treatment, which is never to touch the handrail if you’re on an escalator! You may not have many of them nearby, given where you’re based, but just in case – they’re a haven for all sorts of bacteria, so if you have to use one during/just after chemo – or indeed ever! – make sure you never touch it with your bare skin. And for the same reason, use a pen or something to enter your pin code if you’re paying by card. I always think of him when I take the escalator or pay for my shopping!


  2. I went shopping today and used a pen for the PIN. But then I realised I’d been trundling round the supermarket pushing the handle of my trolley. So many places where germs could lingers, not just escalator rails! Coins and handrails being the main culprits that come to mind. I need to be more aware.


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