Welcome to my chemo diary

“The results of your Oncotype DX have come back, and I recommend that you undergo a course of chemotherapy”.

Those words from the oncologist turned my heart upside down. I had talked myself into believing I’d never hear them and I would get away with a dose of radiotherapy to zap any remaining cancer cells.

It was the day I heard these words, half way through my cancer journey, that I decided to write this blog. Truth to tell, it’s mainly for me. I want a record of what is happening to me. I enjoy writing things down, and I want to share my experiences.

If my journey can help in any way with yours, do please read the blog.

If I dedicate this blog to anyone, it is to the MacMillan Nursing team. They are a wonderful bunch of people. I owe them a lot.

The blogs are categorized (when I remember) into ‘before chemo’ and ‘during chemo’ and ‘after chemo’. I will probably create a fourth category when I begin the radiotherapy treatment in July.

Any advice – particularly nutritional advice – that I may appear to give must be considered as simply my personal view. I am not a nutritionist or a health professional, so please don’t consider anything I say to be sacrosanct. It’s just my view and the way I have interpreted advice given to me. Always consult a professional.